A Day in the ATL

I’m not sure if people still call it “the ATL” anymore or if that’s a thing of the past. Growing up there, we always giggled at that reference as we just called it “Atlanta”…easy enough right? We were going to be in Georgia on a trip and decided to head into Atlanta for a quick day trip. We had only been to Fernbank once for a school dance, and knowing we have a dinosaur-loving little boy, we figured no trip was complete without a visit to Fernbank Museum of Natural History! So we hit the road and headed over! If you’ve never been to Fernbank or are just traveling through with some time to kill, I HIGHLY recommend this Museum for young and old alike!

Fernbank has the world’s largest dinosaur exhibit and Atlanta’s biggest IMAX screen, where you can watch whichever movies they are currently featuring! When we were there we chose to watch the “National Parks Adventure”, which was perfect as we were just beginning our fulltime RV life! We really enjoyed watching so many wonderful scenes from parks around the United States! We can only hope one day we will visit them all!

We enjoyed the “Creatures of Light” exhibit where we saw many things from the flickering fireflies to deep sea fish. We enjoyed learning about Georgia’s National history and Reflections of Culture exhibits! We were hoping we could stay busy for a few hours, but in actuality, we almost didn’t fit it all into one day! So plan ahead, and arrive early if you’re nerdy like us! 😉 For those kiddos that just need a break from all the other exhibits, they even have an educational indoor playground!!


After a long day of exploring around the museum, we were famished! We debating heading to some of our Atlanta favorites for a meal, but when in Rome, right? We had been telling our son all about our wonderful dinner dates from our younger days at the Sundial Restaurant in downtown Atlanta, so we figured we should show him all around Atlanta from the best place possible! The top of the Westin Peachtree Plaza is a restaurant that slowly rotates while you eat. You make one rotation each hour, so everybody gets to see all of Atlanta. What’s not to love??

Like I mentioned before, we’ve been there several times. We headed over for an early dinner so we could eat while everybody else sat in traffic. Our plan worked swimmingly! We were able to eat, drink, and watch all around Atlanta. We were slightly under-impressed with the food this time around, but the view is simply unbeatable! The boy couldn’t stop staring out the window, it was as if we’d brought a movie along with us to preoccupy him. I don’t care who you are, that’s a win in my book…free screen-free entertainment! This is a must-see once in your life if you’ve never been before. I haven’t been, but I’d imagine it’d be amazing on New Year’s Eve or July 4th, where you can observe the fireworks all around town all at once!

That was it for our quick day trip to Atlanta! Have you ever been to Fernbank or the Sundial? There are many other things on our list to visit when we return, what’s on your Atlanta list?


2 thoughts on “A Day in the ATL

  1. We went to Fernbank years ago, before the kids. Hoping to share the experience with the kids. I know they will love it. We have never been to the Sundial either!! Thanks for sharing!!

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