Girls Night!

Whether you travel or not, you’re bound to need a night out with the girls, unless you’re a guy…then you could probably care less! Regardless, I highly recommend getting with a local bakery to see if they do any cake decorating classes, private ones specifically. I don’t know why I’ve never thought of this before, but we had so much fun when a friend planned a private party for just the girls! We brought food and drinks and came armed to decorate! We had so much fun, I had to plan another one!

We learned all about icing the outside and between the layers of the cake, piping, cupcake decorating, painting shells, writing with icing, all of it! It was a 2 hour class of pure awesomeness! Being a mom, you’re bound to need to know a little something about decorating cakes or cupcakes! I hope you enjoy these photos of both cake decorating classes I attended! And no, I’m definitely NOT  a professional! 😉



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