A Day in Panama City Beach

We had previously stayed at Live Oak Landing RV Resort and really enjoyed it! So when we won 2 free nights as part of a video contest, we broke our unspoken RV’ing campground rule of “1 stay and done”. We are all about seeing, visiting, and touring new places, after all, that is why we bought an RV in the first place. So we decided as weekenders, that we would probably stick to one visit per campground/RV resort/State Park, etc. However, a free trip is definitely grounds to break a rule, am I right?


We headed into Panama City Beach for the day, which was about an hour or so away from the campground. We took in a homeschool field trip at Wonderworks Indoor Amusement Park. We’ve seen several of these, but never actually gone in to check it out.

We really enjoyed touring around this place! We highly recommend it if you can get a group rate or discounted rate! We weren’t quite sure it was worth it, with a five year old, at full price though. We had to fight over some fears with some loud noises and such, but I bet he wouldn’t have any issues at 6+ years old. We went when it was still chilly out, but this would be an excellent place to beat the Florida heat or afternoon thunderstorms!

We were able to look up places on google maps, play a giant piano, look in some crazy mirrors, and spent most of our time at the giant bubble station! The boys absolutely LOVED the ropes course!! They were up there for at least thirty minutes! We definitely have a little climber on our hands, which is super hilarious considering the kid stayed in his crib until he was three and never climbed out. This was definitely the highlight of our trip!

Following Wonderworks, we went over to St. Andrews State Park to explore and see if we’d be interested in camping there in the future. The verdict was a resounding YES! It was such a great park with a gorgeous beach and great campground! It’s on our “must visit” list! We played on the playground, checked out the great camping sites which had tons that were right on the water, and learned all about their old Cracker Turpentine Still! We didn’t make it over to Shell Island, but I hear that we should check that out on our next trip!

On the way home, we decided to stop by the Science and Discovery Center of Northwest Florida, because…why not right?? This was such a great little place to explore! They had arts and crafts, a nature trail, some old buildings to learn about, and even a playground. What a neat little hidden gem!

We finished our day up with a phenomenal dinner!! If you’re ever in the area, you MUST check out The Bay!! It isn’t cheap, but it’s worth every penny! The food was gorgeous to look at and tasted so incredible! Seriously, check it out and go hungry! You’ll be glad you did!

That about wraps up our Panama City trip! We plan to go back another time and visit the things we missed! Check out our blog post about Eden Gardens State Park here! That’s another place I recommend adding to your vacation/travel list! If you’re interested in staying at this campground, check out our campground reviews from our initial stay here!


2 thoughts on “A Day in Panama City Beach

  1. We stayed at St. Andrews and they have the best shells, but you dig for them! A local told us the shell tours are better from the restaurant than from the state park. We took the one from the state park and found few shells. Then back at the park’s beach, we became addicted to digging for shells-so many! In the evening, you can see some alligators in the fresh water, eyes sticking up out of the water. Fun place! Campgrounds seem to stay somewhat damp, so maybe put down something outside for the kids, not like they ever get muddy or anything, right?

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