A Stormy 1st Night

We are “mostly” out of the house. However, every time I open a closet or a drawer I am continuously finding new things to pack or trash. Last night we slept in the RV to start figuring out what we actually need and don’t need. We are currently victims of previous Sam’s Club runs, as our toilet paper and ketchup are giving my organizational skills a run for their money. It’s definitely a work and progress, and will be for a few months I imagine. We begin moving furniture and cleaning this weekend and will have the house prepped for check-out by next Thursday. So it’s definitely crunch time!

What a first night it was! When camping previously, we were always met with rain on loading and unloading day. It was our ongoing joke that never quit. Our first night yesterday in the RV was no different. We were hit with 60mph winds and a severe thunderstorm around 3am. Wow, what a wake up!

Normally our son sleeps right through it or is fine once we tuck him back into his bed. Last night, he came in running. The rain sounded crazy, as it should on a metal roof. We got really concerned as we saw a fellow RVer (2 actually) pop smoke at about 3:15am just before the storm actually hit. We figured numbers were on our side since the remainder of our new neighbors were still hanging in there with us. As you can tell by the fact that I’m sitting here writing this post, we survived! Our first night and our first storm! 😉




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