Fulltime Prep Day 1

Things are going fairly smoothly (knocking on wood as we speak) and we haven’t had any major hiccups so far.

We did learn that we do not need a new converter because it turns out Keystone put in a decent one from the factory, so yay for saving money! We ran our (new to us) Splendide washer/dryer combo to ensure it works properly prior to installing it tomorrow.


We’ve modified the under bed storage in the master to prep for the cat’s bed and litter, as well as the printer.


We’re halfway through my son’s room and will start bringing stuff in late tomorrow probably. After tomorrow,  I expect things to be slow while trying to find an ideal spot for everything.

Oh and last thing.. we learned we need LOTS of practice on video blogging, but here’s hoping you guys think we’re as funny as we think we are! 😉 We’ll post that in a day or two!


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