Making headway…?

I feel so accomplished…until I remember how small my RV closet is. Ugh.


On a side note, I’ve seriously had nightmares about this closet and our freezer. A closet and a freezer, crazy i know! Not quite sure how we’ll do it, but a lot of people do it with a lot less, so we’ll see just how creative we can get. And yes, I already turned down my husband’s idea of bolting the freezer onto the back bumper. He is just THAT classy! 😉 But seriously hubs, that’d use so much electricity trying to cool that thing in the hot summers! :O


2 thoughts on “Making headway…?

  1. Hi, I love seeing your posts, what a grand adventure! Have you ever watched HGTV Tiny Houses? Maybe you’ve already written about that. Anyway, it is always fun to see people downsizing their stuff. It’s a challenge but so worthwhile!


    • Hello inspiredbybooks, love the name!! Thanks for commenting, and I’m so glad you’re enjoying the blog! We definitely enjoy watching Tiny Houses!! Our friends over at were recently on the show searching for their Tiny House in Georgia! I absolutely love the amazing lives of RV/Tiny House living, so I can’t wait to see what our adventure has in store! Hope you enjoy following us on our journey!


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