Am I Ready?

One of my very close friends asked me today if I feel ready to move into the RV, or if I’m totally stressing and freaking out. I automatically gave her my typical “Oh ya, just hoping to get everything packed in time” response. Then I continued about my ridiculously busy day (which I keep meaning to do something about me overbooking myself). It wasn’t until about 9pm that I actually had a second to stop, think, and walk around the house. Am I ready?? And it hit me…

Absolutely not! Will I be? If I’m brutally honest, I don’t know.

Great, now I am stressing and freaking out! Thanks friend! But in all seriousness, I’ve been so caught up in packing and decluttering that I didn’t actually pay attention to whats being left behind. What’s still out, and being used that will actually need a spot in the RV. And then I realized, I am definitely not prepared, not ready!

I need to reprioritze. I need to not only be packing these boxes away for storage, but also moving our current belongings around to ensure it’ll all fit into the RV. I have successfully moved my baking supplies into the pantry (that was a feat in itself), but between those and food, I still have a FULL pantry!! My pantry is going to be about half that size, at least. I need to make some serious headway here soon! Another area of concern is the bathroom. I’ve emptied an entire closet, but I still have about 6 drawers full, another master bathroom closet, AND the hallway bath/closet that my son uses. Keep in mind that our RV has about 5 small shallow shelves. My creativity needs to start flowing on how to make all this fit!


So I’ve clearly been living this laissez-faire life of packing, homeschooling, and adulting…and enjoying every minute of it, mind you! 😉 I’m here now, more focused, and this weekend my bathroom closets won’t know what hit ’em!




3 thoughts on “Am I Ready?

  1. We are in the midst of this as well! We seem to have more issues with furniture that has been passed down. We ended up getting a small climate controlled storage for these items so if we ever stop traveling we still have them. We have to be packed and on the rv by May 17th!

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