Life is Full of Goodbyes

We are fortunate enough (depending on how you look at it and how big of a travel bug you have) to be able to stay local due to my husband’s job. We have enough campgrounds around us to keep us moving pretty regularly which adds to the local adventure. We are also already planning several out of town travel trips. I could talk all day long about my trips that are in the works because I cannot wait to travel more, but I’ll get back to what this post is about. Goodbyes.

Either way you slice it, moving is moving, and it involves goodbyes. You leave  your old schedules and learn to adopt new ones. Even staying local, you say goodbye to neighbors and your regularly scheduled times together. Yes, we’ll still see them, but now we’ll have to drive to wine nights…I know you’re as bummed as we are. And who will we walk with every evening? By fulltiming, you’re forever saying goodbye to normalcy, schedule, etc. You will always make a new normal, but it will constantly be changing with each amazing location!

On the tale end of every goodbye is a new hello!


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