The Road to Fulltiming

I honestly don’t even know where to begin, but I feel like an update is much needed/deserved for our awesome followers! That’s you! 🙂 Once we officially decided to give fulltiming a try, the first step was notifying our landlord. We were hoping for a July launch date to allow us more packing/prepping time, but June 1st it is! So needless to say, some serious decluttering and packing started happening immediately. Decluttering is both easier and harder than you would think.

Since announcing our fulltiming plans, we’ve packing up and/or donated a lot of things we aren’t currently using. If/when we leave the adventure of fulltiming behind, we hope to continue living simply, so we won’t be needing all the things we once thought we needed.

We were really fortunate to get new neighbors within a week of our decision to fulltime, so we went right over to introduce ourselves and offered to clean those empty moving boxes and packing paper out of their garage. They were almost as excited as we were! Huge money saver right there!

This weekend is our first load to storage. We’ve borrowed a friend’s small trailer and are taking some furniture and boxes to storage. Our house is starting to look bare. The white walls are showing their wear and tear from our time here. After we do this storage run, we will have roughly 6 weeks to finish prepping for fulltime RV life and clean the place we’ve called home for the last few years. We have such an amazing house here that it makes leaving bittersweet. I’m so excited, anxious, and apprehensive to start this new journey, but sad to leave this wonderful place.

As for the next 6 weeks, our to-do list consists of prepping the RV for fulltiming, slowly moving everything into the RV, finish packing up and donating the remainder of house furniture and boxes, making our last run to storage, and cleaning/checking out of our rental house. I will do my best to continue to update you throughout the crazy! 🙂


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