This Move is Harder

I have a few moves under my belt because, well, we apparently don’t like to sit still for too long. With all that experience, I will say that this particular move is harder. I was reading another blog post from Newschool Nomads where they are saying farewell to life on the road. Something that Jenn said really struck me deep.

“The emotional up and downs of going through years of stuff and young boys sorting through piles of toys pondering what to store and what to give away. Little did we know that they would outgrow them before those boxes would be opened again.”


Now every time I pack up something, anything really, I reflect on how much will have changed when we open that box next. Will my son outgrow these toys that we’re anxiously saving? How different will we be when unpacking things we currently hold so close to us? How much will we have learned about ourselves and each other next time these boxes are opened? Will our lives ever be the same? Unlikely.

Regardless of what I’m packing, I reflect on the memories that have been made and the adventures that have yet to come.



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