Jump, jump off the boat!!

#tbt to our first camping trip!

We were out on the canoe when the largest spider ever decided to climb onto my 5 yr old’s shoulder. My husband tried to be sneaky and get it off without either of us noticing. He failed. Miserably. I saw it and continued to search the boat continuously as if we were taking on water. And back to that whole “my husband failed” thing. Yep, I see the rat spider scampering across the boat and so does the kid.

I forgot to mention that the last time I was on a canoe, it tipped. So needless to say, I volunteered to sit on the floor and let the boys have the seats. Not sure if that was the ideal situation considering the 5 yr old never stops moving. I should’ve rethought that one. Anyways, I start to slowly stand up at the same time my child is literally running away from the spider. Did I mention we were on a canoe?!? This I don’t recommend. It wasn’t exactly swimming weather, but my son and I were incredibly close to jumping overboard just as my husband announced that he really got the spider…this time. This should come as no surprise but we made him prove it. Good thing there was much more fun to be had that weekend, or my son may have boycotted this whole camping thing altogether.

And before you criticize me for having a son who dislikes spiders, I tried, I tried hard to get him to like spiders. After all, who else would take care of them for me when the hubby is away?


NATURE!!!!!!! Get it off me!!!!!!:( lol:




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