S’mores in the Hood

I hope everybody enjoyed the weekend as much as we did! We were busy catching up on things around the house, since life is always crazy starting around Halloween and just doesn’t let up until mid-January! There were some long overdue chores that have been finding their way on our to-do list. We got most of them done and even had a hot second to enjoy some last minute s’mores with our neighbors one night!

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As RV’ers, we keep s’mores fixings around constantly for any upcoming camping trips. They’re a staple in our house now. We also had some York peppermint patties on hand, and I remember seeing some pinterest s’mores ideas, so I threw those into the mix. The verdict from campfire night was “stick with traditional”. We’ll see how they feel next time when I throw in some Reese’s!! I fully intend to use each of my Pinterest S’more Recipe links to make our Hood S’more nights more interesting!

What did you do this weekend?



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