Exercise isn’t about losing weight

The night before my impending doctor’s appointment, I had a dream, well nightmare really. In my dream, (I’ll make it short, I promise!) I was told my body wasn’t handling the surgery very well. My prognosis was a strict diet and no exercise. I was distraught! First, because I couldn’t have anymore pancakes (I have no idea why pancakes, but it’s a dream). Secondly, because I could never physically exert myself ever again! How awful! And just like that, I woke up, upset, sad, and empathetic to those who cannot exercise their entire body like I can. Thus, this post began.

Exercise isn’t about losing weight. It’s about health, your health. It’s about pushing and challenging yourself, your body, and learning just how strong you are. It is such an amazing feeling when you have truly exercised your heart. When you have pushed your heart and lungs to pump harder, expand more. The point where you feel like your heart may explode because it’s pumping so hard. What an amazing tool your body/you have been given. You know that almost painful feeling when you breathe in deeper stretching your lungs farther and farther? God blessed us with these wonderful bodies, so use them, exercise them, cherish them.

Exercise isn’t just about the inside organs either. You know it’s been a truly challenging workout when your arms, legs, abs etc are shaking at the point of exhaustion. I love that feeling of accomplishment you get when they are sore for the day(s) following. Not everybody gets to enjoy this feeling. Some people had it taken somewhere in life. Others, because of their insides, may not be able to exercise their outsides.

Today, I challenge you to exercise for them. Push your heart to its limits for the people with heart defects, heart failure, etc. Exercise your legs, arms, and abs for those who may be without legs or arms. I want you to sweat today, sweat hard. Do it for those that never knew this amazing feeling, for those that desperately wish they could feel it again just once more.

I would LOVE to see your post workout pics, so please show us below after your workout!! Show me those red sweaty faces!!!


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