1st Day of PreK!!


We started school the 2nd week of September because we were busy traveling and I wanted time to get my life organized before starting a “new” year. I use quotes because we did some PreK last year, so we’re somewhat in between grades in a way. I’m planning to do PreK until December, then start with Kindergarten work if he’s ready. I’m in no rush to push him, because he’ll learn it all eventually!


We started our first day or PreK off with a bang, well, more like a field trip! We toured a local library and learned the ins and outs of the library system, as well as having storytime…a fan favorite for sure! I absolutely love field trips because I’m a big supporter of learning about life out in real life versus in the classroom. I look forward to all our field trips this year and will continue to post occasional updates about our homeschooling year!


Pictures from our first field trip of the year!


We hope everyone has an amazing and blessed school year!


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